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Beneficial Massage Therapy Services

Deep Tissue and Trigger Point

Relieve discomfort and inflammation with therapeutic deep tissue massage and targeted trigger point therapy.

Chair Massage and AromaTouch

Enjoy a chair massage fully clothed, or request the innovative AromaTouch™ Technique to restore homeostasis.

About Massage

Learn about the reasons for massage, ascertain the root cause of your aches and pain, and find complete relief.

Hours by Appointment Only

Providing Service to Areas within
a 50-Mile Radius of Columbus, Ohio

Member of BNI

Meet Leah

Healing Touch Massage Therapy, LLC was founded by me, Leah Joly, in Columbus, Ohio. I’m an accomplished therapist offering treatments designed entirely around your specific needs. Step into a relaxing environment with a soothing ambiance and escape from the trials of a long day.

My quality control standards are high and as a result, my treatment massages are considered highly effective and beneficial. My goal is to always deliver the best experience; I want you to be happy and this requires you to be healthy, relaxed, and free from pain. This is my specialty. See me today for a brighter tomorrow.


Contact me to request an appointment for massage therapy services.